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"Second to None" Thrift Store

Our Thrift Store came to be from the harsh realities of being a non-profit organization.  We had to make plans to sustain ourselves in the future.  To help you understand why we have come to this, please read further.

Canada has a third sector—the vital web of non-profit, charitable and voluntary organizations that provide programs and services, and knit together communities, we are also a significant economic force. In recent years, governments have increasingly relied on non-profit groups as the delivery agent of choice for government services. As non-profits one of our strongest characteristics is our dedication to our work and our pragmatic approach to working around the obstacles that we face in pursuing our mission.

For some time revenue sources have been shifting. Increasingly, non-profit and charitable organizations have used three sources of revenue to support our work. 1. Government funding. 2. Earned income & 3. Charitable Donations.

Of these three sources of income, the trends have shown that earned income is increasing and charitable donations and government funding is declining as a percentage of revenue for the core non-profit sector providing public benefit. With the economic crisis in 2009, the decline in government funding and charitable donations to the core non-profit sector was expected to accelerate and time has confirmed it has happened. We are seeing more and more government cutbacks to non profits.  While this shift has been underway for quite some time, most individuals are not in full understanding of the implications for our sector.

To continue with our philosophy and mission, we here at Hospice are embracing CHANGE and moving forward in 2015.

We are looking forward to revenue’s being created by our “Second to None” Thrift store., which will help us with operational costs when our new Hospice House has been built. We are looking forward to bringing on more programs and workshops to better serve our community members.

Most importantly we have realized that we need to make changes to continue to offer our services in future years, and we hope you will be a part of this!

Our "Second to None" Thrift Store 

is located at

582 South Dogwood Street

Campbell River, BC  V9W 6R4

Telephone: 250-914-1413

Hours of Operation:  

Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Donations:  Please note that we only accept donations during our hours of operations.  Please do not drop off items after business hours!

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