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Lending Library


Some History of Lending Libraries

A lending library is a library from which books are lent out. The earliest reference to or use of the term "lending library" yet located in English correspondence dates from ca. 1586; C'Tess Pembroke Ps. CXII. v, "He is ... Most liberall and lending," referring to the books of an unknown type of library, and later in a context familiar to users of contemporary English, in 1708, by J. Chamberlayne; St. Gt. Brit.; III. xii. 475  "[The Libraries] of Cambridge are Lending-libraries; that is, he that is qualified may borrow out of it any book he wants". This definition is closely associated with libraries in England before the Public Libraries Act 1850 was passed which allowed cities to use taxes to create and maintain libraries but did not require cities build them. This definition is also applicable in the United States before 1850 and widespread School District Library Acts which were passed in many states at the same time. It may also refer to a library or other institution that sends materials on request to another library, usually via interlibrary loan.

Our Library is open to anyone in the community who would like to browse our collection of books, CDs, DVDs, pamphlets and articles on a wide range of subjects around death and dying, living, care giving, hospice care and bereavement.

We also have Resource Information and provide direction and assistance regarding healthcare services, compassionate and survivor benefits, wills, advance care planning, and funeral arrangements are available.