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Age-ing to Sage-ing Workshop

What is Sage-ing?

In the second half of the life journey, how does one age in meaningful and hopeful ways? How does one break out of the box in which our culture tends to put seniors, a box that marginalizes and diminishes them?

An American Rabbi, Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, experienced a life crisis at age 60. Feeling his best years were behind him and faced with these important questions, he went on a 40 – day personal retreat, a vision quest. He came to realize that a whole new and exciting phase of life was about to open up for him, the life of a sage, a wise elder of the Tribe, a wisdom-keeper. He co-authored a book, From Age-ing to Sage-ing: A profound New Vision of Growing Older. The book sets out a path of wisdom for the elder third of life. “Walking this path”, says Reb Zalman “helps us consciously transform the downward arc of aging into the upward arc of expanded consciousness that crowns one’s life with meaning and purpose."

Who Can Benefit?


It is important to experience all of the thoughts and emotions that come up, as painful as they may be, and to treat yourself with patience and kindness.

If you wish to take part in this five week workshop, please call to book a seat in the next available one or check our calander tab for dates.