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Healing With the Medicine Wheel

Workshop Series

Wellness is a direction in which by its nature, moves us toward a more positive, responsible and healthier life.  The mixing of the body, mind and spirit together.  The loving acceptance of ourselves today and the exciting free search for who we choose to become tomorrow.  Choice living; a gathering of the daily decisions we make that lead us to that person we choose to become.

Benefits of the Healing Workshop include:

  1. More connection to mind, body and spirit

  2. Feeling supported by the community

  3. Healing (Personal and collective)

  4. Healing (Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)

  5. Stronger support system in place

  6. Space to look deeper into ourselves

  7. Creative ideas are generated and implemented

  8. Deeper sense of community support

  9. Freedom to share feelings, thoughts and hopes

Goals of the Healing Workshop include:

  1. To begin the healing process

  2. To promote understanding

  3. To prevent or solve problems

  4. To build trust

  5. To respect each person and oneself

  6. To share common experiences

  7. To realize that we are not alone

  8. To learn from others and learn about life

  9. To identify personal issues which help us to understand and grow