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Grief & Substance Abuse

Grief and Substance Abuse


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 This is a new program launched recently in September 2016.  We have made and have available materials in relation to Grief and Substance Abuse.  We will be holding workshops in relation to this topic for professionals and community members to attend.

Grief is the term used to describe the emotional, physical, behavioral and social responses to the loss of someone or something a person has a bond with. Grief can occur in response to a relationship breakdown, the death of a loved friend, family member, partner or child. It can also occur when a person undergoes significant life changes such as moving homes, changing jobs, giving up an addiction, even after an operation.

Grief is often associated with crying, anger and depression. But these emotions are not the only ones people experience when they are grieving. Some people feel emptiness and find themselves unable to express how they are feeling. Others will get angry and frustrated and may lash out at those around them. Some people will begin to use alcohol or drugs as a way to cope with grief, as they find they can forget the emotional upheaval they are going through while dealing with their loss.

When a person is experiencing grief, they will undergo many emotional changes. They will be angry, frustrated, sad, ashamed, guilty, relieved and feel that the situation is hopeless. People may ask themselves questions, putting into doubt their previous actions or taking on blame for the loss. These questions are a part of the grieving process. For friends and family of the person grieving, they may be exposed to fluctuating emotional states the person is undergoing which can lead to frustration, fear and depression.

Materials are available for pick-up at the office.  Contact the office for the next workshop date.

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