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We are very proud to be the first Hospice in Canada offering i-Ecotherapy!

This is available by appointment only.

Just call the office to book an appointment, remember it's free!   Donations always accepted!

i-Ecotherapy—in the past this idea was often misunderstood. The art of healing in connection with the use of nature in conjunction with the healing powers and restoration of the Earth.

We have taken Ecotherapy a step further and are now focusing on i-Ecotherapy. The i-Ecotherapy partnership converts the same precept of the Healing of the Mind. We understand now more than ever the interconnectedness between our natural environments in relationship to our self-healing, surpassing all understanding and yet we know without question it works.

Hospice has been working very closely with Marek Zaleski who lives and creates from his studio in the Sayward Valley. Marek captures the inspirational environment of the stunning beauty found here on Vancouver Island with his photographs and cinematography.

Together, we have developed a way to bring nature to those who cannot get to it. We have created a specific video for our palliative clients upon which we can deliver nature to them via high definition tablets which will play the video with music. We can now provide this at home, in the hospital, and in long term care facilities.

Palliative Reflections is geared to be calming, cooling and strikingly beautiful in its simplicity. It has been designed to help reduce stress, anxiety, and to help the individual in their last days to reconnect again with nature.

We have also created a video for family and friends as well. The same concept is present, it will allow you to relax and watch the cinematography in front of a  high definition television in the privacy of a healing room.

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