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Grief/Loss Counselling

We provide individual counselling in our office to support individuals around:  grief, bereavement, and loss.  Our services are provided to adults, youth and children.  We have fully trained therapists with extensive credentials. We have a precious 20 hours a week available to our community individuals.

Our service is free, however we encourage individuals who can to support us with a one time $25 membership fee.  This fee helps to offset the costs of the counselling program costs.  We also encourage individuals to access counselling through their Employee Assistance Program if they have benefits.  This allows our counselling appointments to be available for those individuals in our community that have no access to benefits.

If you are interested in receiving some counselling, please contact the office. We will do an intake with you over the phone and usually we can have you set up with a counselling session within a week or so as we have dedicated emergency appointments available, we also have evening appointments available.

We encourage individuals to keep their appointment dates, as rescheduling and cancellations often will have you facing up to 3 weeks for your next appointment.  If you cannot keep your appointment, we politely ask that you give us 24 hours notice.  We have individuals who are on wait lists to see our therapists.  If you neglect to call with the 24 hours cancellation policy on more than one occassions, may result in denial of further assistance in this area. 

Counselling is:

The process that occurs when a client and counsellor set aside time in order to explore difficulties which may include the stressful or emotional feelings of the client.

The act of helping the client to see things more clearly, possibly from a different view-point. This can enable the client to focus on feelings, experiences or behaviour, with a goal to facilitating positive change.

A relationship of trust. Confidentiality is paramount to successful counselling.

Professional counsellors will usually explain their policy on confidentiality, they may, however, be required by law to disclose information if they believe that there is a risk to life.

Counselling is Not:

Giving advice.


Attempting to sort out the problems of the client.

Expecting or encouraging a client to behave in a way in which the counsellor may have behaved when confronted with a similar problem in their own life.

Getting emotionally involved with the client.

Looking at a client's problems from your own perspective, based on your own value system.


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