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Campbell River Hospice House


Submitted by Helen Garson.  Hospice Society Board Member.



 Currently the final construction drawings are near completion and the permit process is in the hands of the City. Once these are completed, the building can commence.


In the fall of 2013, the Hospice Society was asked to vacate the rental property where it had been for many years, as the building owners wanted to develop this property in a different way. The Society struggled to find another affordable rental property. An article in the local newspaper regarding the Society’s dilemma caught the attention of local lawyer, Brian Stamp, who met with the Society to see what would be needed. Mr. Stamp called upon 4 business associates and proposed the idea of a purpose built facility that would provide enough space to accommodate the current society operations and provide for expanded services in the future. This group, now known as the Build Team, wanted the Society to have stability, to own this new facility and so to be free from rentals costs, and to have ample space for the Society’s functioning to run its services and programs. These include volunteer training, grief counseling, support groups, administrative work and community workshops. To offer all this to the community, the Society needs its own building with administration offices, counseling rooms, a multipurpose room and a relaxation room. With a larger building, the Society will be offering new services and more workshops.

The Build Team and Society staff met for over a year to develop building plans and to find a suitable property for the House, as well as studying what other like-sized communities had in place for their Hospice Societies.

In August 2014, the City of Campbell River announced its willingness to donate a city lot to the Society, free of charge, at 402 Evergreen Road. The back of this property is adjacent to the new hospital and Yucalta  Lodge where the 3 hospice palliative beds will be located in 2017, once the new hospital is finished.

In September 2014, the Build Team, developed a capital fundraising team with help from other business people in town. Fundraising, which started in December 2014, has gone very well and is approaching the goal required for the building. The Build Team circulated pamphlets and fliers outlining this project and how a person/business could donate. The Build Team, in this distributed information along with articles in the newspaper, has been very clear that the Hospice House would be a building for the Hospice Society to place it’s administrative staff and run it’s programmes and services .

There seems to be some misunderstanding within the community that the Hospice House will have beds but this is not so. The Build Team have been clear from the beginning what they were proposing to build.  

There have been discussions with Island Health [VIHA] as to whether they would be willing to fund 4-6 hospice palliative beds if an extension were to be built by the Build Team onto the back of the House. However Island Health states the beds will be located and operated by them in their own facility, Yucalta  Lodge, in 2017. We know that 3 palliative beds will not enough but it is a start. The community needs to actively campaign for more palliative beds for the future.

The cost to fund and operate one hospice palliative bed in a free-standing hospice facility is in the region of $100,000 per year [$600,000 for a 6 bed unit]. This would not include the capital cost of building and furnishing such a facility. Campbell River Hospice Society does not have nor is it able to fundraise this kind of money at the present time.

The Society is a “not for profit” society and all services are free. The Society is very excited as we anticipate the first shovel breaking ground to begin construction. We will write updates as the project moves along.


For further information and details on the development of the Hospice House

please go to the Hospice House Campaigne website with the link below in red.