Campbell River

Hospice Society

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Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Employment  Opportunities

Sorry we currently have no employment opportunities.

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are caring men and women who are specifically trained by Hospice in the following areas:

  • In understanding the needs & concerns of the dying and      bereaved.
  • To listen confidentially and support without judging or advising.
  • To provide client companionship, support, respite and vigil service.
  • May have experienced an illness and loss in their own life and have personal insight.
  • Provide assistance by effectively accessing the society and other community resources.
  • Undergo regular RCMP security check.

Volunteers - An Important Resource

Volunteers are the most important resource community organizations have. The ability of people to work willingly together for the betterment of their community and themselves is a valuable resource.

The image of the volunteer has changed over time. Gone is the stereotype of the middle-aged housewife with time on her hands. Now volunteers come from all walks of life: they may be a teenager learning to manage responsibility by caring for wounded wildlife, an executive sharing management skills with a community group or a retiree enjoying a new friendship as a volunteer reader at the community library.

Ideally, volunteers find the donation of their time and energy a meaningful experience for themselves as well as for the organization. A true win/win situation.

Benefits You as a Volunteers Bring to the Organization

  • Credibility – volunteers have fewer vested interests, making them a valuable public  relations asset
  • Objectivity – especially in the delivery of services
  • Refreshed energy
  • Specialized skills and knowledge
  • Public opinion on important issues
  • New ideas to enrich the existing program
  • Flexibility to focus intently on a particular task or issue
  • Constructive criticism and feedback
  • Fresh perspectives–"new blood" can keep an organization alive
  • Ability to lessen the overall workload
  • Capacity to expand services
  • Immediate access to the community

Why Do People Volunteer?

to help others and contribute to the community
to use skills in a new setting
to find new friends and new relationships
to develop a sense of accomplishment and self-worth
to learn new skills
to meet requirements of a course or program
to challenge themselves
to work for a cause
to gain recognition for their abilities
to help improve the quality of community life

Volunteer  Opportunities

Board of Directors

We are currently seeking new Board Members to join our Hospice Team.  As a Board Member you are responsible for things such as: providing strategic and generative leadership, ensuring the organizations financial viability and sustainability, developing policy gramework that guides operations, employing and evaluating the performance of the employees, participating in the development of resources, being kowledgeable about the organization's values, mission, programs and performance, establishing the annual committee structure required to execute the Board work plan and to be an ambassador for the organization and promoting its work in the community.

Workshop Facilitators - We are seeking individuals that would like to learn the skill of workshop facilitation and once trained use these skills to facilitate our workshops.  

We have new workshops - Caring Connections and the Healing Circle.

These workshops will run several times throughout the year.  The time commitment is approximately 3 hrs a week for the duration of the workshop series.

Hospital, Long Term Care, and Home Visits - We are seeking volunteers to attend our Hospice training that is 7 weeks in duration meeting once a week for seven weeks for approximately 3 hrs.  We ask that once you have completed the training that you are committed to volunteering with us for 1 year.  If unable to commit you can still attend the training, however we charge a fee of $150 for the Hospice Training.

Passionate Gardeners - We are seeking individuals that love to garden as a past time - to donate some time with the upkeep of our Sally Wellman Memorial Garden.