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Donating with Cash

General Donation -You can make a one time donation and specify the area in which you would like the funds to go. Example: Programs & Operations, Hospice House Fund, or In Memory of.

Monthly Donation - Your gift can be automatically withdrawn from your chequing or saving account on a monthly basis or if you prefer, monthly donations can be made through the link to the left using our VISA or MasterCard.

Planned Giving - There are many ways and opportunities to support Hospice, and one is through Planned Giving. A planned gift is a future charitable donation that you plan now so that the charity or charities of your choice will benefit from at a later date. Planned giving allows you to establish a long range commitment without affecting your present assets. This can be done through your will, life insurance policy, or a range of other gift options, and often with tax advantages to you, the donor.

Will Bequests - Make a gift of cash or property by including the Hospice Society as a beneficiary in your Will. This is one of the simplest planned giving option to arrange and can significantly reduce the tax paid by your estate.

Life Insurance - A donor can name the Hospice Society as the owner of a new policy. While you are paying the premiums, you receive an income tax deductible receipt annually for the total amount of the premiums. When you transfer ownership of an existing policy to the Society, you receive a tax credit for the cash surrendered value. An alternate is to make the Society the owner of an existing policy allowing you an immediate tax benefit. A gift of life insurance is separate from your estate and has no effect on its assets.

 - You can designate the Hospice Society as the neneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF. This will offset the tax this would otherwise be required to be paid by your estate.

Securities - Gifts of securities are gifts of publicity traded stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Recent changes to the Canadian tax law have entirely eliminated the capital gains tax on publicly traded securities which are donated to charities. The donor receives a charitable tax receipt for 100% of the value of the gift on the date of the transfer.

Gifts of Property
 - A donation of propertty including securities and works of art provides a gift receipt for fair market value and possible avoidance of tax on capital gain. 

The Campbell River Hospice Society depends on donations from individuals and our community business members to help with the continuation of the services that we provide for free.


You can donate using the following at

As a registered charitable organization, you will receive a tax receipt for donations of $10 or more and we will recognize large donations in our newsletter (unless requested not to do so).

Donating in Other Ways

Thrifty Smile Card (New) - We have Thrifty Cards that you can pick up - Load the card for your grocery shopping needs and whatever dollar amount you load to the card - Hospice will receive a 5% donation from Thrifty's.

Island Return It Recycling Centre (Beside the Esso) 1580F Willow St.  Campbell River. Open 7 days a week.  You can take your bottles and tell them to credit Campbell River Hospice.

Quality Foods - You can donate your past and present points.  Simply tell them to give the points to us. Q Card Number 41206436809.

Canadian Tire - We will take Canadian Tire money.

Mobile Giving (New) - Watch for promo days that will be announced, texts and calls will give cash back to us.