Campbell River

Hospice Society

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 Forms, Brochures, Educational Materials


  • Membership Form 

Service & Program Brochures

  • Information Regarding Our Services Brochure 
  • Grief Support Group Brochure
  • Healing with the Medicine Wheel Workshop Brochure
  • A Journey Through Grief Workshop Brochure
  • Hospital Visiting Team Brochure
  • Age-ing to Sage-ing Brochure
  • Caring Connections Grief Workshop Brochure
  • "Reflections" A Life Review Program Brochure
  • Relaxation Techniques

Educational Material

  • Suicide Bereavment for Children & Adolescents Brochure
  • Suicide Bereavment Information for Adults Brochure
  • After a Suicide (A Practical and Personal Guide for Survivors)
  • When Death Is Close at Hand Brochure
  • Grief and Special Days Brochure

All of our programs and services have their own printed materials in the form of brochures.

If you would like to display some of our brochures or have them, please contact the office and we will gladly forward you them.

Our educational materials are continually researched and updated, if you would like a copy of anything we have, please contact us or drop by the office, we would love to meet you!